Lawn Maintenance


Choosing the finest Las Vegas lawn maintenance company is tricky when there are so many in the city. However, do they have reliability and comprehensive landscape experience to help your landscape flourish in whatever season? Pro Landscapers Management is your best choice for lawn maintenance and care in Las Vegas.


We understand your landscape investment is a large portion of your home’s assets and want your yard to look better than your neighbor’s. The purpose of Guru Landscapers Management is to customize the upkeep and care to meet your particular landscape needs.

Many clients didn’t like the concept of being charged certain fees for services or undergoing a landscape maintenance team with zero customer support. Pro Landscapers offers the reasonable rates with quality support.


When you hire us to Start caring for your residential landscape, it includes the following lawn services in Henderson and Las Vegas:

  • Irrigation system check during every trip for leaks and other issues; including its proper operation from outside the home. Any tiny repairs needed come at no additional charge.

  • Minimal Weed Removal and Weed Control. We allow a certain period of time for weed removal. If your yard needs additional control or removal, your monthly invoice has an excess fee included.

  • Debris clean-up from beneath shrubs and groundcovers and haul-off from your home. We recycle all organic debris from houses we have cleaned to help save our environment.

When you register for our monthly or biweekly provider, your home is serviced on the same day each month. We found changes in service days and times was among the biggest complaints from new customers. They would encounter landscape care teams never showing up on the same day or time. Customers would have to call repeatedly merely to receive their next service. We understand you’re busy and don’t have the time to track down your landscape care team. Pro Landscapers Management does everything to make sure things run smoothly for you.

Lawn services year-round

People often think they don’t need landscape maintenance in the winter months, but this could not be any further from the truth. The wild winds of the desert or the unexpected storms frequently create debris buildup.

We encourage our clients to keep their landscaping services in Henderson and Las Vegas year round because there is still a lot of work to do even in the chilly months.   Our landscape maintenance program doesn’t miss a single day of service–unless it’s pouring rain, in which case the work will be done the following day.

Your yard maintenance team

Our crews comprise of three uniformed men, and our trucks are always clearly labeled, so everybody knows who’s maintaining your landscape in the best shape possible. All our members are always trained to keep them up with the latest trends in plant maintenance and water management.

Benefits of Choosing Our Landscape Maintenance Company for Yard Care

Understanding how to maintain your yard is 1 thing homeowners do not have much expertise in unless you study horticulture and irrigation systems on your downtime. Most homeowners are too busy to pay any attention to their lawns or don’t recognize their sprinkler system is leaking before the large water bill arrives in the mail.

We make landscape maintenance in Las Vegas available and affordable, and that means you have more time for your hectic schedule. We also keep an eye on all aspects of the visit to your home: from arrival time at your house, time spent on any problems discovered. We also notify you of any estimated charges before proceeding with the job.